Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

The 80’s saw the appearance on the scene of black ash, glass and chrome AV racks and such furniture replacing the old, mostly wooden furniture. For the time being they captured the entire A/V furniture market and it seemed that they had come to stay for some time.

At this time, firms, specialising in diverse designs of A/V furniture made impact in the entertainment furniture world market. They offered most exquisite brand of such furniture, which combined high degree of functionality and transparent appearance, with furniture made of glass, steel and wood, with which you can match and create your own vision of decor of your entertainment center. The designs are such, that you can create an impressive effect in dividing a room. The additional spaces provided in this furniture can accommodate your other audio visual equipment, synchronising with your modern Plasma TV or other Video Players.

The most notable audio visual device that made its mark in the first decade of the current century is for the plasma and hi-fi TVs and audio instruments. Catering to the modern trend, furniture manufacturers are designing A/V furniture for plasma and hi-fi devices. Today there are quite a few of A/V furniture manufacturers all over the world.

Ordinarily, audio visual furniture can be hi-fi cabinetry or AV racks. The first one is meant to blend with the décor of your room and the second one is a simple rack mount pattern. However, the second type was not originally meant for a residence, it was considered more suitable for professionals or studios. But marketing experience revealed a strange syndrome. It was found that men preferred simple open-shelved racks where the devices being kept with wires on display and all gathering dust, where-as, the women however, did not like this and preferred wooden cabinetry that hides all these things out of view.

Audio visual furniture may be custom made or off the shelf. Custom made furniture gives the customer exactly what he desires to have. Most of the custom made furniture is also unique since the design feature of two custom made furniture are rarely identical. These are made-to-order, with a design that matches the décor of your room. Salvation Army Pickup

The demand for A/V furniture was recognised way back in 1988. Companies started to come up with exquisite contemporary designs, accommodating various kinds of home entertaining equipment. So much so that it found its place in home setting with its sate-of-art studio furniture.
Today’s A/V furniture is constructed with three different materials, such as, metal, wood and glass. The metallic parts are treated with high impact, scratch resistance, powder-coated finish. The shelves are made from glass, poured onto a mercury bed, providing an immaculate finish and a smooth surface. The edges on which these glass shelves stand are polished to the highest grade, providing a quality product by all terms.

The A/V furniture available today, is far more than your basic furniture. The sleek design of the furniture sets it apart from any custom made products or any that you have seen so far, worthy of such high technology equipment that it houses. Companies manufacturing these products are offering them in palette of colours, to match any decor of your entertainment place. These have such flexibility that you can access the components from any side of the furniture, enabling you to make the cable connections. When you buy one such furniture it comes to you in modules, which are easily assembled with the help of the manual that comes along with the delivery.
There are so many varieties of A/V furniture offered today, that, once you find the one you like, you will never think twice before placing your audio visual equipment on the stands. The sturdy furniture and yet so sleek, has heavy gauge, large cross-section metal tubing, quality welded, giving the look of ultra-rigid framework, perfectly safe-guarding your expensive equipment. The quality of the furniture is such, that even if you are not a fan of glass shelving, you will be tempted towards the massive 3/4th inch glass shelves, having immaculate finish, capable of holding your equipment.

Why buy such A/V furniture? The products offer you quality and an assurance of enhancing the aesthetics of your home-theater décor. You have so many options to choose from. You can have the one made with a combination of metal with tempered safety glass shelves or go in for those exquisitely crafted sold wood with equally quality glass shelves.

It presents an element of strength and architecture with quality and finish, with colours to match any decor that you have in mind. It is an exquisite example of modern furniture design with the state-of-art technology, with accentuating originality in the design, versatility and appearance, with a high degree of functionality.


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