Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Homemade facial skin care and face mask recipes
It is hard to find the time to schedule a spa facial appointment only to be disappointed by the results afterwards. So why pay so much for a facial at the spa when you have the same ingredients available at home? Everyone has access to a carrot. Then everyone can make use of this carrot face mask which will help your facial skin to be soft and provide nutrition to your face skin.

Carrot Skin Care

If you have rough skin and want it to be moist and have that glow, how about trying a carrot face pack? This may be the best facial mask for you. n95 mask for sale

Carrot Facial Masks
A carrot facial pack is very effective for facial skin restoration and aids you feel fresh, firm and revives the skin immediately after use. This is due to the carotene contained in carrots. Carotene is a component that contributes to the color of the carrot and once it is absorbed into our body, it turns into Vitamin A. It also functions to prevent further skin problems by forming a skin protective films to maintain balance for our skin.

Homemade Carrot Facial Pack Recipe:
1. Cut a carrot in half. Grind it. Squeeze out the juice and replace it into a bowl.

2. Mix 1 Tbs honey and yokes with flour.

3. Optional: put a thin cloth on your face and apply the mixture onto the cloth.

4. Remove cloth after 20 minutes. Wash off excess using a steamed towel followed by a cold towel.

Additional facial care tip: If your skin is oily, the effects can be maximized by adding egg whites and yogurt as it suppresses sebum(oil) secretio

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