Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

In general, children’s room is used for learning, playing and rest. So the overall indoor lighting should be higher and gentler than the adult’s room. In addition, the rooms also have a corresponding local lighting so that children can do homework, reading, play games and so on. In order to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere, parents could use unique shaped lamps to make room playful. peppande citat 

If the arrangement of indoor lighting is unreasonable, for example,light is not sufficient, or in order to emphasize the decorative effect, regardless of the actual needs of the children, you will receive an error effect.

Learning to use lamps: eye protection, safety and environmental protection.

For school-age children, learning is the primary task of this stage, therefore, to choose a suitable desk lamp is indispensable. Children’s world is always full of dreamy colors. When parents choose luminaries, they often choose lovely, colorful lighting, but sometimes the beautiful appearance of the luminaries does not guarantee the children’s vision health. Because the child is growing,selecting luminaries not only needs to consider the quality, but whether they conform to children’s psychological characteristic. As the lighting for learning, more importantly is to meet children’s actual need.

Decorative lamp: variable shapes, bright colors.

Children’s room need configure the overall lighting and local lighting together. Overall lighting use pendant lamp and ceiling lamp to create bright and fantastic atmosphere. Local lighting use wall lamp, table lamp or other lamps to meet various lighting needs. The lamps should give your children a relaxed, full of charm of shape and color space, expand children’s imagination, and stimulate their learning interest. Therefore, parents can select room lamps with the children, letting the children enjoy the fun of choosing lamps.


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