Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Hey, what if your shopping cart could talk to you? You know when you grab it, it might say; “Hey, this cart drives really crooked and if you take it you will appear to be drunk while navigating the shopping aisles in this grocery store!” Now come on, I am kidding of course, as even if your shopping cart could talk, I doubt it’s going to give away that little secret; shopper beware! But in all seriousness, let’s discuss the net-centric communicating shopping cart which can become one with your smart phone while you shop!

Cell Phone – Smart Phone – iPad – iPhone Interface with Shopping Cart:

The future of the SmartCART is nearly upon us; for instance, and it will have artificial intelligence, and it will be networked with the store’s shopping computer, and all you will have to do when you start out on your grocery shopping journey is to punch in the number on your Super Saver Preferred Customer Consumer Club Card, or whatever it is they call those valued customer cards these days.

Your shopping cart will know all of your preferences, and as you go down the aisle it will suggest potential savings on the items that you may have bought in the past, or might typically buy on this particular journey. Each time you pick up an item, you can punch in a number on your cell phone and scan it right on the shopping card, it will tell you all kinds of information, including potential recipes, your price for per ounce, etc. and it can offer more suggestions based on the recipe you may choose.

Your shopping cart would keep a running tally of your supersaver discounts because you are a club member, along with the actual price you will pay when you checkout. The shopping cart will be networked together, the shopping cart will warn you before you run into someone else, or when you are coming around a corner, it will advise you with a little red light that someone is about to crash into you. That would be nifty indeed. russian store

Items you put into the cart also interface via RFID tags with shopping cart, and when you leave through the kiosk automated registered area and go out of the store, the shopping cart downloads information, and you can pay with your cell phone, or slide your ATM Card or Credit Card at the register kiosk. The shopping cart will even tell you to; “Have a nice day, thank you for shopping with us,” and advise you on how much you’ve saved thanks with your special valued super saver discount club card;


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