Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

These days people prefer wooden floor than carpets in their homes. Wood makes your floor look more attractive and sophisticated. Unlike carpets, they are more durable and are easy to clean.

Wooden floors not only provides a classic look to your home, it also attracts the attention of your guests. Wooden floors are long-lasting, hygienic and clean. Wood floors also have a very good resale value.

Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are the most used wood flooring types.

Solid Hardwood

Manufactured with a single piece of wood, it is generally 3 to 4 inches thick. It is suitable for ground or above the ground level flooring as it is not resistant to moisture. It expands and contracts with the change in humidity. This is compensated by creating a gap between the wall and floor. It will be the best choice if you want to add value and style to your house.




  • It is the most durable form of wood that can last for generations.


Enhances looks


  • It improves the appearance of your floor. It provides a classic look to your house.


Resistant to scratch


  • It is more resistant to scratch. High heels, animal claws cannot easily damage hardwood.





  • It is more expensive than engineered wood.


Need frequent refinishing


  • It requires timely refinishing to maintain glow and shine.


Trouble with moisture


  • It is not resistant to moisture. They cannot be installed on damp areas.


Not appropriate in adverse weather


  • It cannot be installed in places with adverse weather. As they expand and contract with the change in humidity, they can create a lot of problems.


Engineered Hardwood

Unlike hardwood, engineered hardwood is a more complex product composed of many layers of wood. Engineered hardwood floors are designed to overcome the moisture retention problem with solid hardwood floors. Since it is composed of many layers, it is resistant to moisture. It also provides more stability to expansion and contraction caused by humidity. Engineered hardwood floors are more environment friendly than solid hardwood floors.


Low cost


  • Engineered hardwood is a cost-effective alternative to solid hardwood. It provides many features of solid hardwood at low-cost.


Resistant to moisture


  • Moisture is not a problem with engineered wood. It can be installed in damp areas or below ground levels.


Refinishing is not required


  • Since it is already pre-finished, time to time refinishing is not required.




  • Unlike hardwood, engineered wood provides more stability to expansion and contraction caused by adverse weather. used engines near me





  • Engineered wood cannot last as long as solid hardwood.




  • This is the major problem with engineered wood. It is more vulnerable to scratch.


Solid hardwood or Engineered hardwood?


  • If you need a durable floor, go for solid wood. It will last more than hundred years.
  • Solid wood is not compatible with concrete. If you have a concrete floor, use engineered hardwood.
  • If you have pets, solid wood will be a wise choice. Engineered hardwood is easily scratched.
  • You can easily customize the appearance of solid hardwood. If you want to modify your floor, choose solid wood. It is a less expensive option.
  • For underground flooring, engineered hardwood is the best option. It is compatible with the below ground level environment.


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