Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Let’s face it, natural skincare is such a huge and lucrative industry that it’s not surprising many manufacturers will use slightly dubious advertising just to get a share of the profits.

Last year alone, retailers world wide sold $16 billion worth of  broad spectrum cbd oil  beauty products. And if that is staggering, hold on to your seat because it is forecast they will be selling $21 billion a year by 2012.

A lot of those sales are natural skincare products, because the steady rise of environmentalism in the last 25 years has built up a large demand for ‘natural’ in almost every area of our lives — even the skincare products we use.

We buy them in vast quantities and often don’t mind what they cost. It also seems we don’t bother to check exactly what we put on our body and face. So some manufacturers will deliberately mix cheap synthetic compounds into their otherwise natural skincare products but pass them off as ‘natural’.

It’s a big temptation. And many succumb to it, as you can tell by reading the fine print on the labels.

Is this a bad thing?

Well, a skincare product can be made from totally natural products. But natural preservatives are expensive and have a shorter shelf life than synthetic ones. Their profit margins will be thin and their use-by date short. So most manufacturers and retailers would prefer to use synthetic preservatives.

And on the other hand, while the ‘natural’ label has a high emotional value thanks to the way nowadays we approve of anything that’s environmentally friendly, in fact the wrong natural products can harm your skin and health just as badly as low quality synthetic ones.

So my advice is to be open to using natural skincare products, even when they have some synthetic components, if they are safe and there is good economic and health reasons to include them. (I’ve written about this on my web site elegant-skincare .com, which you might like to visit for more ideas and information.)

And another piece of advice — support the natural skincare products you use with all-natural health habits; such as eating well, avoiding excessively oily food, exercising regularly, drinking six to eight standard glasses of pure water each day, and keeping your body clean.

Put these two things together and you’ll have a natural skincare routine you can rely on.


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