Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Having a high level of website usability is one of the most important things a small business should consider when designing and making a new company website or when maintaining and updating an old one. However some small businesses seem to think that all they need is web presence or a visually attractive site, but this is definitely not the case. In fact, a website which is not user friendly could actually be very bad for business, so hiring a website usability consultant could actually save you money!

Many website users will form their first impressions of a company based on the company website, so if a small business has a website with a very low degree of website usability, then clients will immediately begin to form negative impressions of that company. Customers will become very frustrated with websites that make it very hard to do simple tasks, and they may choose to take their custom elsewhere as the poor quality website will have dented their confidence in the company. If a business wants to foster positive feelings amongst potential clients, they must ensure that their website has the highest levels of website usability possible. A website does not have to be incredibly high-tech, as long as it is easy to use, easy to navigate around and contains all the information a client may want.

If a website does not make it easy for users to connect with social media sites, people will be less likely to try to use it to connect to social media, and this can lose businesses a lot of free social media marketing opportunities. A good website will have special buttons allowing easy connections to all the major social media sites, so that users can then use these to share websites and pictures of products from those websites with all their friends and colleagues. A website usability consultant will be able to identify where the best places to put social media connection buttons are, to maximise social media marketing opportunities. e poodide valmistamine

One mistake that some companies make it to try to drastically update their existing website, but to remove some of their website’s most helpful features in the process. It can be very annoying for website users to visit a website which they were previously familiar with, only to discover that it is no longer possible to do what they want to do, or go where they want to go. Many people do not like drastic change, especially if they perceive that those changes make it harder for them to do what they want. However, you can make big changes to your website if you ensure that it then has a higher degree of usability than the previous incarnation. A website usability consultant will be able to identify the successful features of an existing website and the features which they find to be lacking, and they will therefore be able to tell you which of these features should be integrated into the new website and which should be dropped

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